Find the right balance between
human expertise and artificial intelligence

You're looking for ways to streamline your communication in various languages

Which machine translation
engine is the best for you?

“Will the most popular machine translator be the best choice for our content and language needs? Most of our communication is specific to our industry.”
—Inga, Public Relations Manager
“We want to have a customized MT solution for our company that reflects our terminology and style. But we need help to train and maintain such a tool.”
—Martin, Head of Corporate Communication

How do you connect all your
tools and communicators?

“I get frustrated when I validate translations of my technical writing. Neither the translators nor the NMT engine seem to know the correct terminology.  A shared glossary may be a good place to start.”
—Giana from Group Communications
“Whenever our internal or external communicators work on a project, there’s new content that could be reused within the group. We need to capture it and make it available in our communication tools.”
—Peter from Research and Development

How do you introduce and
customize new technologies?

“Artificial intelligence is developing at such a fast rate. Who’s supposed to keep an eye on the latest developments and identify solutions that will help us with our tasks, like writing and translating press releases and reports.”
—Karl from Corporate Communication
“Even after we’ve found the right tool, we still need to customize it and integrate it into our existing environment. As with any software, it requires maintenance and support. Our plates are already full.”
—Anna from IT

The Corporate Language Hub

Your resources: Defined. Shared. Maintained.

Find the balance between human expertise and artificial intelligence

We refer to the loop as the connection between communicators, content, and tools. To make it all work, it requires an expert at the center.

Five simple steps to your solution

Tell us about your needs

Tell us what tools and content are already available and where things could be improved. This will help us determine the best solution for your specific needs.

Enjoy a free demo

See how the corporate language hub works live and how it can be customized to your requirements. You can also request a free trial to get better acquainted.

Let us build your solution

We customize your solution and integrate your existing tools and content for you to test and provide feedback.

Run pre-rollout tests

Use the solution in live operations with your core team. We then make the final modifications based on the user feedback before rollout to the entire company.

Go live

Time to let everyone else in your company benefit from your own corporate language hub. Onboarding and training measures are adjusted to your company preferences.

Our experts are happy to show you how the corporate language hub can benefit your organization and give you access to try it out for yourself. Contact us to find out more or set up a demonstration.
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