Combining artificial intelligence
with human expertise

AI promises greater efficiency and reduced costs but needs human experts to produce the best results.

AI is rapidly changing the world and has made a significant impact on how we work today. While AI has the potential to revolutionize many industries, it is important to remember that AI is still a tool. One that has to be combined with human expertise to produce the best and most reliable results in a professional environment.

While AI can handle large volumes of data quickly, it struggles with understanding context and nuance in language. On the other hand, human expertise provides a deep understanding of language, cultural context, and domain-specific know-how. By combining the two, we can achieve accurate, consistent, and appealing translations more efficiently.

The loop

One way to think of the combination of artificial intelligence and human expertise is to imagine a loop. In this loop, AI is used to automate tasks, freeing up human experts to focus on more complex tasks. These human experts can thus use their knowledge and experience to improve the AI algorithms, which in turn leads to even greater efficiency.

This loop incorporates customized AI-powered translation tools and resources that are used to translate text. The output is reviewed and edited by experienced human experts to ensure that the translation is accurate, contextually relevant, and sounding natural. The refined translation is then used to continue the configuration and training of those same AI-powered tools. And so the cycle continues, without losing valuable information.

Expert in the loop

There are several benefits to using this approach.

  1. High-quality translations: AI-powered translation tools can struggle to understand context and nuances in language. By having a human expert in the loop, we can ensure that the translation is accurate and contextually relevant.

  2. Greater efficiency: By using AI-powered translation tools, we can quickly translate large volumes of text. And by adding a human expert to the loop, we can ensure that the translation is of high quality without sacrificing speed.

  3. Consistency: By having a human expert review and edit the output of AI-powered language tools, we can ensure that the translations are consistent in terms of corporate terminology, style, and tone of voice.

  4. Reduced costs: With the loop approach, we can continuously improve the performance of AI-powered language tools. The final texts are used to train the AI-powered translation tool, leading to better machine translations in the future.

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