Machine translation

GDPR-compliant and customized
with an expert in the loop.

Machine translation gives you the freedom to translate texts from one language to another automatically without the assistance of a translator. The problem with free online machine translation tools like DeepL or Google Translate is that they store your translated texts on their servers, which are later used to provide translation results for other users. Any information pasted or uploaded to such free machine translation tools is not private and fails to adhere to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The machine translation tool on does not store your translations on its server. This means that your texts remain private and will not be used to provide results to other users, which guarantees the protection of your information, personal or otherwise.

Expert in the loop

The greatest advantage of using the machine translation tool on your corporate language hub is our expert in the loop. No machine translation tool automatically provides custom results that consider your translation memories and corporate terminology, which is why we train it with your data, and do so continuously. Our expert in the loop regularly adds your most recent translation memories and term bases, so that your users get the most relevant results that are in line with your corporate style.

What’s more, because your translation memories and term bases are validated by our expert group of linguists, the results are of much higher quality and therefore more reliable than any standard machine translation tool. And you always have the option to quickly send the translated text to a professional editor for validation.

Want to see it
for yourself?

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