Corporate style

Your brand book and language guides
with an expert in the loop.

Modern consumers are concerned about what brands say and how they say it. A brand’s identity is no longer just about design, but increasingly about the language it uses and how inclusive that language is. A strong and equitable corporate image requires clear design and linguistic guidelines that can be easily understood and adopted by all employees, agencies, and freelancers who communicate on your behalf.

Your corporate language hub gives everyone the tools they need to learn about your brand and to write and design consistently in line with your communication goals.

Expert in the loop

The trouble most businesses face when it comes to style guides and brand books is maintaining them. Guidelines quickly go out of date as language requirements and design needs change. With, you can easily update individual rules by submitting a comment to your expert in the loop. The expert will then validate the query and take care of the necessary steps to update your corporate guidelines.

Maintaining design and linguistic resources, especially in multiple languages, is a full-time job that often requires special linguistic skills. Your corporate language hub provides not only the platform for your guidelines, but includes the skills needed to make sure they’re consistent, up to date, and easy to adopt. 

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