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Connect your existing resources.

We understand that no single tool can cater for all your needs, which is why you might have different software for your digital assets, product information, and project and customer management. But that doesn’t mean you can’t access them all from a single location.

prolingo.net lets you plug in your existing software by means of API connections or link to them from the hub. And because it’s available right in the Teams environment, you can access all your tools from there too.

Possible integrations with other corporate tools:

Microsoft Teams

Embed your corporate language hub in your Teams environment to make sure that everyone communicates consistently.

CAT tools

Connect your CAT tool of choice to your corporate language hub to look up translation memories and term bases in real time.

Machine translators

Use your preferred or customized machine translation engine right in the language hub with maximum data security.

DAM tools

Integrate your DAM tools within your corporate language hub so that all your resources are in one place.

PIM tools

If your product information management system has an API, we can have it integrated into your hub.

Other tools

Whatever corporate tools you use, we can link to it or integrate it by means of an AP interface.

Create an all-inclusive work environment with prolingo.net by having our experts integrate your existing software. Interested in learning more? Contact us below to discuss the possibility of integrating your existing tools.

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