Translation memory

Access and update your translation memory
with an expert in the loop.

Building a memory of past translations is an integral part of establishing a communication loop. This allows you to reuse validated content and avoids starting from scratch with every new translation project. But steadily building and maintaining your own translation memory offers even more benefits. Your writers and communicators can reference your translation memory through concordance searches that will help them communicate consistently with what has been published before.

Giving more users access to your translation memory will not only guarantee more accurate quality-assured translations, but also more accurate machine translation results, which are trained with your most recently modified entries.

Expert in the loop

More than just connecting in-house subject specialists to translators and communicators, the translation memory component of comes with the added benefit of validation. The expert in the loop ensures that your constantly growing TM remains consistent with your corporate terminology and style guide, which in turn guarantees that your machine translation results are consistent.

Further, having your source texts professionally edited by an expert before translation improves the quality of future translations as both CAT tools and NMT engines use reverse lookup for translations into your source language. Quality assurance at this level ensures that both translation memory and customized machine translation are of high quality in all languages and thus a reliable reference to everyone in the loop.

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