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The greatest advantage of using the corporate terminology tool on is our expert in the loop. With so many people working on your communication, you need a trusted terminologist to make sure your terms are validated by subject experts and consistently translated in your core languages.

This is even more important when your terminology database is used to train your machine translation tool. High-quality communication requires up-to-date and well-maintained term bases.

Expert in the loop

Our experts are in the best position to provide linguistic support. Not only are they responsible for validating and maintaining your company glossaries, style guides, and machine translation engines, but they’re trained editors, proofreaders, and translators who can give you expert advice for high-profile or urgent projects in real time.

You still have access to your experts even without the live chat option. Your corporate glossaries and style guides allow you to ask the experts about individual terms and guidelines by means of the comment function. You’re also able to suggest new terms for your corporate glossary that they will validate against your other resources, such as linguistic style guides and translation memories.

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