Corporate terminology

Up-to-date terminology from multiple sources with an expert in the loop.

One of the keys to maintaining your corporate style and brand identity is the consistent use and formatting of key terminology. This becomes even more difficult to maintain when your company publishes content in multiple languages. When all contributors can search through and give feedback on your company glossary, you lay a strong foundation for consistent corporate language.

Your corporate language hub gives everyone in the company access to your corporate terminology database in multiple languages. Even if content is not intended for translation, your authors can use the resource to verify the correct expressions or formatting of key terminology in their language. What’s more, your subject experts can recommend terminology to your translators and brand ambassadors right on the platform by suggesting and querying terms with your expert in the loop.

Expert in the loop

The greatest advantage of using the corporate terminology tool on is our expert in the loop. With so many people working on your communication, you need a trusted terminologist to make sure your terms are validated by subject experts and consistently translated in your core languages.

This is even more important when your terminology database is used to train your machine translation tool. High-quality communication requires up-to-date and well-maintained term bases.

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